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The company has been offering quality-first custom software development services to companies big and small around the world for over a decade. Our software development standards in Thailand and Vietnam are widely proven and dependable.

Joe Gaber sells his up and coming software company to U.S. publicly traded company FISERV (NASDAQ: FISV) and, establishes the consultancy company Fin-IT, Inc. The focus was to provide custom software development services directly to clients in the financial services industry throughout the U.S. Joe worked with companies such as First Trust Bank, Bank of America, GMAC, and Wells Fargo.
Joe Gaber travels to Thailand and becomes the Director of Product Development of an American software company. He renames Fin-IT to Durango IT Architects maintaining his U.S.-based consultancy. Durango IT Architects' focus changes from solely U.S.-based financial firms to world-wide small and medium companies looking to dramatically reduce the high cost of development available in the U.S. and Europe, while maintaining the same standards of quality.
Durango IT Architects expands its offerings to include training in the areas of Object-Oriented Programming, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development, and Entrepreneurial Operations for Software Companies.
Durango IT Architects establishes outsourcing services with development centers in the US, Thailand and Vietnam

Did you know?

There are no university degree programs for the role of architect within the IT industry. Unlike the mature academic and professional history of building architects, architects in the IT world are most commonly selected from the ranks of senior software programmers; however, we at Durango IT Architects have found, over the past twenty years, that this is not always the best source of architects.

Too often, senior programmers, who are very technically oriented, typically lack either the soft skills or the business acumen to fully understand or appreciate what the client is trying to achieve. This can result in disasterous consequences for your project.

Durango IT Architects delivers affordable software development outsourcing, specializing in Microsoft Asp.Net or open-source Java web applications; software for iOS and Android mobile devices; and Umbraco CMS websites. Durango IT Architects is a Partner with Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft and, provides certified software programmers, software architects, Scrum Masters, database designers, business analysts, and project managers from development centers in USA, Thailand and Vietnam.

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