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Durango IT Architects LLC, is associated with development centers in Thailand and Vietnam. Our Chief Architect is responsible for all training of software programmers in the most advanced techniques, processes, and methodologies surrounding the development of high quality software.

We do not hire or contract with resources. We employ, train, and nurture individuals who want to create award winning software. Every developer working in our outsourcing centers receives direct training and mentoring from Durango IT Architect's Chief Architect.

Durango IT's focus is on very high quality software development for projects that are critical to the goals and objectives of our clients. It is Durango IT's objective to help clients realize their business vision.

The company provides high quality software development services for clients all over the world who wish to outsource custom software development and custom websites. The company currently has experienced development teams in the USA, Thailand and Vietnam available to work on your projects. Development teams consist of programmers, software architects, Scrum Masters, database designers, business analysts, and project managers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most affordable software development and training services.


Did you know?

Most software that has been developed over the past twenty, or more, years has typically been done using a design approach that either looks at some mocked up user screens or what the company's data looks like.

Both of these design approaches have major flaws and have historicall led to an extremely high rate of project failure.

Durango IT Architects using a design approach called "Domain Driven Design". What this means is that we conduct a deep analysis of your business domain and make sure that the model of to be used in the design of your systems fully embrace and articulate the semantics of your business.

This approach has proven tremendous dividends over the other approaches by assuring an investment that has a long life-span and produces a high ROI.

Durango IT Architects delivers affordable software development outsourcing, specializing in Microsoft Asp.Net or open-source Java web applications; software for iOS and Android mobile devices; and Umbraco CMS websites. Durango IT Architects is a Partner with Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft and, provides certified software programmers, software architects, Scrum Masters, database designers, business analysts, and project managers from development centers in USA, Thailand and Vietnam.

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