Solutions That Meet Your Business Requirements and ROI Objectives

Custom Software Development

Leave the heavy lifing to Durango IT's competent team. We can create a cost-effective software solutions tailored to your needs. We offer custom web, mobile, and enterprise-class application development outsourcing services under our proven offshore development model.

Durango IT Architects has been developing custom software solutions for over a decade. Our offshore software development centers in Thailand and Vietnam have been a reliable outsourcing partner to clients around the world since 1999.

Why Choose Durango IT Architects?

  • Experience of working with international clients in many industries allows the Durango IT team to better understand different clients and their diverse needs.
  • Technology is what we provide; therefore we continually research and analyze new technologies emerging into the world of software development.
  • Communications is the cornerstone of our relationship with you. Because we employ a short-cycle, iterative design and development process, frequent communications with our clients helps us contribute new ideas and improved ways of managing business through technology.
  • Process is vital to managing lengthy, complex projects. In the past, many projects have failed for either not having a process, or having a process so arduous that no one really followed it. Our process is agile and based on very short, frequent development cycles that delivers something of value in typically two to four week cycles.
  • Accountability for the success of a project is performed through our ability to deliver working software on very short cycles where you have an opportunity to validate whether we are meeting expectations.
  • And, NEVER will you speak to a technical geek who just doesn't "get it"!

Custom Business Applications

No matter what your business requirements are, we have the experience and tools to get the job done!

  • Programming in the leading enterprise software platforms of Microsoft's .Net and Oracle-Sun's Java delivery platforms.
  • Database design and development expertise using any of the leading databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or open-source databases like MySQL.
  • Business Process Management applications using Oracle's BPEL and Business Process modeling tools provide quick solutions to always changing needs.
  • Rapid Application development when the requirements are simple and cost is everything.

On Time, On Budget, Guaranteed!

  • Service is focused on high quality, as well as low cost.
  • Experienced American management combined with cost effective foreign programmers.
  • Affordable rates, and when compared to our quality, a real bargain.
  • Certified programmers in their respective technological disciplines, including Microsoft Certified and Java Certified programmers.
  • Quality is our primary focus providing clients with the highest return on investment and life span of their software.

Did you know?

Durango IT Architects is partners with Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle, and each programmer is certified in the technologies they work in. This gives you the confidence of quality results.

Durango IT Architects delivers affordable software development outsourcing, specializing in Microsoft Asp.Net or open-source Java web applications; software for iOS and Android mobile devices; and Umbraco CMS websites. Durango IT Architects is a Partner with Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft and, provides certified software programmers, software architects, Scrum Masters, database designers, business analysts, and project managers from development centers in USA, Thailand and Vietnam.

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