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Let Durango IT Architects help you realize your organization's, vision with an affordable web-based enterprise application tailored specifically for your needs! Our team of professional architects, analysts, and programmers can help you each step from requirements gathering, design, development, to support.

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Affordable Services

Durango IT Architects has extensive experience working with companies of all sizes and developing custom business applications for numerous different industries. We provide:

  • Business analysis to understand your business, your vision, and your technological needs.
  • Requirements gathering and documentation that is thorough and written in the language of the business.
  • Design that builds upon your business domain's concepts, data, workflows, and terminology.
  • Programming in the leading enterprise class platforms of Microsoft's .Net and Oracle-Sun's open-source Java.
  • Support and maintenance long after the project is first delivered.

Domain Specific Perspective

Domain Driven Design is a design approach for building better software. A "Domain" is the embodiment of the concepts and terms held within a particular business domain. It is our job to make sure these concepts are embodied in your software's design perfectly reflecting the nature of your business.

This approach is different from most design approaches that focus on the technology without truly understanding your business.

These key business concepts are put into a model and the model is used to verify with our clients, in business terms, its validity. Only then do we begin to code.

A domain model provides the following benefits:

  • Common Language is established to reduce the possibility of introducing errors during the translation from business requirements to technical specifications.
  • Communication about the real-world elements related to the functional and non-functional requirements, data structures, and business processes an application needs to accommodate is enhanced.
  • Speed of analysis, design and development is accelerated through the use of a domain model.
  • Reusable components, modules, and libraries of code are more easily identified and documented using a domain model.
  • Prototyping and experimentation with the client’s different activities is flexible, adaptive, and open to further extension using a domain model.

Cloud Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery model by which software, and its associated data, are typically hosted in the cloud (Internet) and are accessed by users using a web browser.

Why deploy your web-based business application to the Cloud?

  • Agility to re-deploy to technological infrastructure resources that best meet current business demands.
  • Cost is reduced in many cases in a cloud because capital expenditures are converted to operating expenses.
  • Location independence allows users to access their business systems from anywhere in the world.
  • Multitenancy enables a single instance of the application to be shared by many:
    • Provides excellent data mining and data aggregation opportunities
    • Provides excellent abilities to customize the application to different user audiences based on special needs.
  • Reliability is improved since most providers of cloud services utilize multiple redundant sites, which improves business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Scalability is greatly increased via "on-demand" provisioning of resources on a self-service basis, without having to custom engineer for peak loads.
  • Performance is constantly monitored and improved techniques rapidly implemented to continually meet higher performance standards.
  • Security is often improved due to aggregating the data and increased security-focused tools. Services providers are able to apply resources for security needs, which many customers would not be able to afford. For those who are most concerned with security, private clouds are a viable option allowing you to retain control over the infrastructure.
  • Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier, because they do not need to be installed on each user's computer and can be accessed from different places.

Social Networking

Credibility and trust are gained by businesses that encourage their customers and partners to participate in a social network by asking for feedback, opinions and suggestions. Having an open and honest dialog builds long-term business relationships with customers.

Social media should become a strategic part of your marketing efforts and a major source of customer and potential customer feedback and analysis. Potential customers can validate your product or service offerings by viewing your marketing message and social media feedback, opinions and suggestions.

  • API Integration with leading social network hubs like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
  • Professional networking applications are quickly becoming necessary for job boards, free-lancer sites, and professional organizations looking to enhance the communications of its members.
  • Intranet networking application can greatly facilitate employee or team collaboration on projects, sales pipelines, or process improvement initiatives.
  • Dating sites are perfect candidates for adding social networking capabilities.
  • Niche Groups such as sports, travel, food, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. are ideal niches for social networking applications.
  • Product Review and feedback based social networks aid shoppers in purchasing decisions.

Asp.Net or Java?

Both Asp.Net and Java offer distinct advantages and benefits. Which platform is best suited for your needs is often determined by the nature of the software you need and the environment you need it to be deployed to.

Durango IT's consultants can assist you in the process of making the best choice. Regardless of that choice, highly experienced, certified programmers in the platform chosen would develop the software.

Microsoft Asp.Net

Probably the most significant advantage of Asp.Net is its integration with the Windows OS, Microsoft database server, and Microsoft programming tools.

  • Tools for developing software are tightly integrated with all development processes including coding, testing, source code management, quality analysis, and deployment.
  • C# programming language is an advanced, object-oriented language giving programmers unlimited coding capabilities.
  • Support from Microsoft's Developer Network is some of the best in the industry.
  • Integration with Microsoft's Windows operating system is seamless and based on the .NET framework.
  • Extending the Windows API, or utilizing Windows resources, from within your application is easy due to Asp.Net's tight integration.

Oracle-Sun Java

Java has been the leading enterprise application development platform since its original release in 1995. Today, few large enterprises do not run on many mission critical applications built with Java.

  • Open source platform with a giant, worldwide community of supporters and contributors, which assures a very long lifespan for the Java platform.
  • Deploy to any platform ranging from devices to mainframes.
  • Frameworks for extending the core capabilities of Java are extensive and very mature.
  • Tools of the best kind and most popular for Java development are also free and open source.
  • Credibility from companies like Google who chose Java to build its very popular Android operating system, which now powers many of the world’s smart devices.

Web-Based Business Applications

  • Lower cost of sale due to no boxes, printed manual, expensive shipping costs, CD's, distribution channels, middlemen, etc.
  • Bad debts from distributors are eliminated in a SaaS environment. You simply have no access until the bill is paid.
  • Global distribution provides a greater opportunity for financial success. Most software companies make it or break it, depending on their channel - access the 1 billion users online!
  • Availability anywhere, anytime (almost) is possible with web-based apps.
  • Never install software on individual desktops again. Once deployed to the cloud, it's available to everyone.
  • Updates are applied to the server and each user receives the updated version the next time they log in.
  • Platform independence opens a wider market for software vendors - no longer do they have to build technology around a specific platform and limit their market (or incur additional costs to build for another platform).
  • Security of user data is increased by using providers like Rackspace or Amazon's EC2 cloud over having your data on your desktop.
  • Piracy-proof software since the public doesn't have access to the server where the application is deployed.
  • No legacy code lying around, which need support (which is costly). The problems relating to legacy software are almost limitless, and often are not efficient for both the vendor and the customer.
  • Bugs will be reduced in Web based software, due to the fact that it is not depending on any of the hardware or environment settings in the OS that may usually cause a problem.
  • Social possibilities for sharing real-time are easily enabled.
  • Support and maintenance costs drop substantially given that the browser is now the platform. No need to have expensive operating system gurus on hand to help with installation problems. Also, using products like the Amazon EC2 cloud, will allow scalability, without a proportionate increase in costs.
  • Viruses are virtually eliminated due to not having to perform desktop installations.
  • Lower price point for customers
  • Web assets (APIs, widgets, messaging, and collaboration) are easily accessed by being wired into the web. Web Apps are able to integrate seamless into API's etc. and are a lot more easily customized, than traditional software applications.
  • Widest potential audience

Did you know?

The best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers. Programmer screening, training, adherance to standards, and overall focus on quality is what drives Durango IT's staffing process.

Durango IT Architects delivers affordable software development outsourcing, specializing in Microsoft Asp.Net or open-source Java web applications; software for iOS and Android mobile devices; and Umbraco CMS websites. Durango IT Architects is a Partner with Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft and, provides certified software programmers, software architects, Scrum Masters, database designers, business analysts, and project managers from development centers in USA, Thailand and Vietnam.

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