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Offshore Software Outsourcing

Developing software is expensive. Realistically, not many small businesses can afford it. But hiring full-time staff is also expensive. Hiring costs, benefits, and taxes - not to mention hardware and software costs - all adds up pretty fast.

Yet, almost every business needs software. Maybe your existing website needs updating, or you are building a new software application to improve efficiency, or reduce costs. Maybe you are a software product company looking to reduce development costs. Whatever your reasons, there is a serious need for affordable and reliable software developers.

Many companies have chosen to outsource their projects to offshore companies. But outsourcing is full of potential pitfalls. For instance, how do you know your intellectual property rights and confidential information will be protected? How do you control the architecture and design specifications? How will you know if your project was completed using industry standards for software engineering? What if a dispute arises? How do you take action in a foreign country? At Durango IT, we imagined a better way to build software, and now we bring it to you.

Durango IT offers the advantage of far lower costs - as much as 75% off traditional firms, while providing the oversight and security you demand to get the job done right. We use a process that is highly adaptable to client change orders and development techniques that produce software, which is more stable, less error prone, and much more accommodating to new features.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Consult with a senior IT Consultant

You will be assigned a dedicated Senior IT Consultant who is not located in a convenient office far away from the developers. They work side-by-side. This is a key aspect of how we can guarantee our results - by maintaining absolute control of the processes and engineering efforts. The initial consultation is FREE and allows us to understand your software need, but also, your business vision.

Step 2: Assign Software Developers

Once we know what your software needs are we'll assign one (or more) of our developers to work on your project. Our developers typically have 4+ years' experience, understand advanced programming techniques, read and write English fluently.

Step 3: Collaborate Online or Onsite

You will be collaborating with the consultant and software developer(s) directly. You submit the requirements for the software to the team and set the priority of each feature. The Team estimates the time to complete these prioritized tasks and, might ask for clarification (if needed), and determine the best way to complete it.

Step 4: Programming and Review

This is where Durango IT really differs from most companies.

  • Every two to four week cycle (interval determined dependent upon client desire and complexity of the project) you will receive working software that includes the list of top-prioritized features selected for completion by the team.
  • Each feature has tests created before the production coding begins. This assures that the code will match the architectural design and, also assures that future coding does not introduce new errors as more features are added.
  • This is a far superior methodology for software development than ones that use older, traditional QA department based methodologies, which test after the fact with people other than the author of the code themselves. With Durango IT, the same programmer creating the code is the same that is responsible for creating the tests - no one can pass the buck.
  • Final validation as to whether a feature meets the requirements or not, is best done by the end user - you. That is why Durango IT delivers working software to you on a short cycle basis - you are the experts and you know when the its right!

Step 5: Daily Code Testing

Each day the latest version of your software is published to a secure source-code management system. At the same time, all tests are run to verify that no errors were introduced.

This system maintains a history of every change in the code. Developers can easily backtrack to find errors and quickly fix the problem.

Step 6: Bi-Weekly Releases

At the end of each iteration, your working software is published to a private staging site where you can test the real working features produced in the latest cycle. There is no need to wait months for a final product to see if it meets your needs. Acceptance or rejection is immediate and continuous until the project is finished. We also provide project task reports that detail each task, giving you complete visibility to the efforts being applied.


Did you know?

Durango IT Architects has worked with and/or trained offshore teams in Thailand and Vietnam. This experience is invaluable when selecting the team who will work on your projects.

Durango IT Architects delivers affordable software development outsourcing, specializing in Microsoft Asp.Net or open-source Java web applications; software for iOS and Android mobile devices; and Umbraco CMS websites. Durango IT Architects is a Partner with Oracle, Apple, and Microsoft and, provides certified software programmers, software architects, Scrum Masters, database designers, business analysts, and project managers from development centers in USA, Thailand and Vietnam.

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