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5 Major Trends of 2015 and Beyond

Attracting and retaining customers, improving business processes, expanding collaboration and social networking, managing content of all types, performance reporting, and workforce effectiveness and flexibility. These will be the primary driving forces behind the coming enterprise software trends.

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This will result in market consolidation and produce fragmented software markets with fewer vendors in all technology areas.

Because of this, companies will need to expand their custom software development plans in order to distinguish themselves among their competitors.


Dramatic growth in mobile solutions and cloud computing will drive companies to develop solutions that provide access to new ways of doing business such as mobile banking, commerce and even remote healthcare diagnostics.

Companies wishing to stay ahead of their competition will need to work with software development partners who can help develop these solutions with an eye on these trends.


Migration to open source software and SOA will rapidly accelerate as older applications and systems become too difficult and costly to maintain and upgrade.

Enterprises will commit large investments to upgrade all types of systems and software, ranging from personal productivity tools, to infrastructure software and more. Virtualization will be a key factor in modernization.

Durango IT has over a dozen years working with open source software and SOA architectures.


Social media is already an established trend, and networking will continue to grow as a dominant form of communication.

Personalization, collaboration and the provision of content in context will drive the adoption of unified communications and collaboration. Context-aware computing will make continuous leaps forward through 2015.


Particularly acute in the health and financial sectors is the verticalization of software packages. The trend will see vendors who are providing general technologies moving towards specialized software as the number of deployments they do in particular verticals rises.

Knowing a vertical market is critical in assisting clients in this highly complex process. For over 20 years Senior management of Durango IT has specialized in the financial services industry.


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